SmallWorld Announces Sponsorship From Offside Marketing!

SmallWorld Supporters, this is a special day.

I have the pleasure of announcing SmallWorld’s first-ever sponsorship! We’re teaming up with the fantastic folks at Offside Marketing, and here’s the official statement where you can learn more.

SmallWorld Soccer Announces New Sponsorship from Offside Marketing

SmallWorld Soccer is excited to announce a new sponsorship from Offside Marketing, a soccer sports marketing agency out of Cleveland, Ohio.  This sponsorship will include support for all the work we are doing at SmallWorld, including our blog and podcast as we continue to promote the best content that lower-league soccer has to offer.  

“SmallWorld Soccer is nothing short of elated to be partnering with Offside Marketing.  It’s incredible to think that we’ve earned a sponsorship for a blog we started on a whim, but it’s even more incredible to think about how much more SmallWorld can do for lower-league clubs with this opportunity,” said Danny K, founder of SmallWorld Soccer.  “Offside Marketing will bring us industry soccer sports marketing expertise and insights on the many challenges and opportunities these clubs face today.”

“As longtime supporters and sponsors of lower-league soccer, Offside Marketing is thrilled to be working with SmallWorld Soccer to help further tell the many strong, unique and positive stories of these clubs from across the United States,” said Jason Lansdale, Principal of Offside Marketing, LLC.

For more information on Offside Marketing, LLC, please visit 

-end of statement-

It’s a great opportunity for me to learn about how many of these clubs operate, as Offside has been working with lower-league clubs like Cleveland SC to market their brand and help create effective promotions.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn about who Offside is and what they do, so be on the lookout for SmallWorld content about Offside on all platforms!

Thank you to everyone who’s helped us grow to this level. It’s kinda surreal to think SmallWorld has reached a milestone like this, and it inspires me to keep doing this and support local soccer even more.

Support local soccer, unify those around you, and seek out diversity!



By danny from smallworld

writer, founder, and owner of smallworld soccer. college student, soccer supporter, and underdog-lover. unashamed to follow Jesus, not cultural Christianity. the teams i support are all p trash rn: Atlanta United, Watford, Real Oviedo, Werder Bremen, and CS Herediano among many others.

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