LLeC – week 1 power rankings

Well, we’ve seen a week’s worth of results, and the playoff picture in each group looks a little bit clearer. A lot of our questions were answered, especially in powerhouse matchups, and there’s a lot of new information to take into account moving forward.

Let’s take our second look of the season at each and every group, starting with the current tables and moving to updated predictions of where everyone will finish.

Premier Divison


Group A – Remember that Danubia team Danny predicted to finish last? So that was apparently stupid. I was almost certainly wrong. Aaron Sexton is on the PC for Danubia Men’s Elite, and he’s living up to their name so far.

He took the preseason crown and is gunning for the same in the eCup proper. However, we’ll still have some waiting to do before we see Danubia in action after they had a match versus Oakland postponed. Meanwhile, Space United took on Union Dubuque on Sunday evening, and the space nerds were victorious in their first match. They took a 2-1 result from round one, and that’s a good sign going into the next two contests. They should be tough to stop.

Group A Table –

  1. Space United, 3 pts, +1 GD
  2. Oakland County FC, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Danubia Men’s Elite, 0 pts, 0 GD
  4. Union Dubuque, 0 pts, -1 GD

Group A Predictions –

  1. Danubia Men’s Elite
  2. Space United
  3. Union Dubuque
  4. Oakland County

Group B – There’s still a lot to be determined, but some big results this week gave us a great idea of who’s for real in PC-land.

The biggest of the bunch would have to be the South Bend Lions’ dominant display. They took down Delaware Rising in a win that makes us feel good about putting them down for a top-two finish. On the other side of Group A, our predicted winners Dutch Guard fell short 3-6 to high-flying Lansing Common. South Bend finished second to Danubia in the preseason cup, but neither of their upcoming opponents were in that snapshot of the PC division. Lansing is clearly the better of the two, but both them and Dutch Guard are unknowns for now.

Group B Table:

  1. South Bend Lions, 3 pts, +5 GD
  2. Lansing Common, 3 pts, +3 GD
  3. Dutch Guard, 0 pts, -3 GD
  4. Delaware Rising, 0 pts, -5 GD

Group B Prediction:

  1. South Bend Lions
  2. Lansing Common
  3. Delaware Rising
  4. Dutch Guard

Group A – Well, there’s an interesting twist here, as a pretty big late addition was made here. AFC Columbia, an upstart club that’s got the full respect of smallworld, has entered Group A and kicked their campaign off with a grade A performance. They took down Swan City Syndicate 5-0, and that’s likely not a fluke. Meanwhile, Delaware Rising got a nice win over Louis Llerandi’s Jacksonville Armada, and that could well be the result that puts Rising into the knockouts.

Group A Table:

  1. AFC Columbia, 3 pts, +5 GD
  2. Delaware Rising, 3 pts, +2 GD
  3. Jacksonville Armada, 0 pts, -2 GD
  4. Swan City Syndicate, 0 pts, -5 GD

Group A Predictions:

  1. AFC Columbia
  2. Delaware Rising
  3. Jacksonville Armada
  4. Swan City Syndicate

Group B – The good news is that my prediction for this being a really tightly contested group was highly accurate. The bad news is that another of my last-place predictions is coming back to bite me. This time, it’s Union Dubuque, who got a crucial 3-2 decision over a quality Hoboken FC 1912 side. Hoboken could still find their way into the top two, but they’ll have to get past DeKalb County, who took down Northwich by a score of 7-0. They look like the undisputed team to beat in Group A.

Group B Table:

  1. DeKalb County United, 3 pts, +7 GD
  2. Union Dubuque, 3 pts, +1 GD
  3. Hoboken FC 1912, 0 pts, -1 GD
  4. 1874 Northwich, 0 pts, -7 GD

Group B Predictions:

  1. DeKalb County United
  2. Hoboken FC
  3. Union Dubuque
  4. 1874 Northwich

Group C – United Serbians started their eCup career in a good way, knocking off Danubia 4-2 and putting themselves in prime position to go through to the playoffs. Don’t expect them to get a second straight when they meet Metro Louisville, though, even though the Kentucky-based side looked beatable in their 3-1 win over Rebels. For the rest of the group, goal difference could very possibly be a factor in determining who goes through, so damage control against Louisville will be something to watch.

Group C Table:

  1. Metro Louisville, 3 pts, +2 GD
  2. United Serbians, 3 pts, +2 GD
  3. Danubia Men’s Elite, 0 pts, -2 GD
  4. Rebels SC, 0 pts, -2 GD

Group C Predictions:

  1. Metro Louisville
  2. United Serbians
  3. Rebels SC
  4. Danubia Men’s Elite

Group D – Oakland County didn’t look great on paper, suffering a 7-0 drubbing in their first match, but their opponents were the Crows of Minneapolis City, and that result actually spells a chance for contention against the rest of the group. We’ll find out exactly how accurate that statement is next week, as the opening match between Lansing and St. Cloud got postponed, but as of now, the only thing we know is that the Crows are exactly as good as we expected.

Group D Table:

  1. Minneapolis City SC, 3 pts, +7 GD
  2. Dynamo FC St. Sloud, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Lansing Common, 0 pts, 0 GD
  4. Oakland County FC, 0 pts, -7 GD

Group D Predictions:

  1. Minneapolis City SC
  2. Lansing Common
  3. Oakland County
  4. Dynamo FC St. Cloud

Group E – This group is shaping up much like I expected it to. Hartford proved they belong in a tough group such as this one, earning a 2-2 draw versus Lane (Lame) United. They’ll both feel good about their chances, but Forward Madison is the team to beat behind Evan Warwick’s prowess. He earned the ‘Mingos a 4-1 victory over Cam Ocampo’s Tallahassee SC, a quality side in its own right. There’s still everything to play for here, but Madison looks like they’ll be the team to beat.

Group E Table:

  1. Forward Madison, 3 pts, +3 GD
  2. Lane United, 1 pt, 0 GD
  3. Hartford Athletic, 1 pt, 0 GD
  4. Tallahassee SC, 0 pts, -3 GD

Group E Predictions:

  1. Forward Madison
  2. Hartford Athletic
  3. Tallahassee SC
  4. Lane United

Group F – The big winners in week 1 were Hayward United, as the Wisconsin outfit came away 5-1 winners over Elitists FC. I had these two finishing third and fourth in the group, so it’s yet to be seen whether Elitists are just that bad or if we’re in for a surprise on Hayward’s end. Bateaux FC will have something to say about that after picking up a point in their 2-2 result against an excellent Louisiana Krewe side. There’s a lot of moving and shaking to do still in this group.

Group F Table:

  1. Elitists FC, 3 pts, +5 GD
  2. Bateaux FC, 1 pt, 0 GD
  3. Louisiana Krewe, 1 pt, 0 GD
  4. Hayward United, 0 pts, -5 GD

Group F Predictions:

  1. Louisiana Krewe
  2. Bateaux FC
  3. Elitists FC
  4. Hayward United

Group G – The Goats of Kirkland FC got off to a good start, earning a clean sheet and a draw against The Soccer Plug. On the other side, Northshore United was exactly as fear-inducing as expected, winning 7-0 over Cultures United. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the group fares against the giants from Louisiana.

Group G Table:

  1. Northshore United, 3 pts, +7 GD
  2. Kirkland FC, 1 pt, 0 GD
  3. The Soccer Plug, 1 pt, 0 GD
  4. Cultures United, 0 pts, -7 GD

Group G Predictions:

  1. Northshore United
  2. The Soccer Plug
  3. Cultures United
  4. Kirkland FC

Group H – Lone Star Republic got a big win to get the group stage started, winning 4-0 over a Vacaville Elite side that’s used to scoring big. That’s got me confident in the self-described Texas national team, and perhaps they could even go toe-to-toe with title favorites Inland Empire. Teenager Fabian has still yet to kick off IEFC’s campaign, though, as his match against the Lacey Pocket Gophers was postponed.

Group H Table:

  1. Lone Star Republic, 3 pts, +4 GD
  2. Lacey Pocket Gophers FC, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Inland Empire FC, 0 pts, 0 GD
  4. Vacaville Elite, 0 pts, -5 GD

Group I – The last group in the Xbox division has no shortage of firepower. Oxnard Guerreros proved that with an 8-1 victory over predicted second-place finishers San Antonio Runners. The Runners could still finish second, as I’d expect the Guerreros to win by equally large margins against their other two opponents. Those two are Sporting Arizona and LA Wolves, the former of which picked up a 4-2 win to get their season started the right way.

Group I Table:

  1. Oxnard Guerreros, 3 pts, +7 GD
  2. Sporting Arizona, 3 pts, +2 GD
  3. LA Wolves, 0 pts, -2 GD
  4. San Antonio Runners, 0 pts, -7 GD

Group I Predictions:

  1. Oxnard Guerreros
  2. Sporting Arizona
  3. San Antonio Runners
  4. LA Wolves

Group A – I’m really liking my picks in this group. FC Motown was a lock for first place, but it didn’t feel that way on matchday one! They were down 3-1 at halftime to newbies Danubia, who I predicted to finish second, and had to claw their way back to a 5-3 result. That match makes me feel great about Danubia’s chances the rest of the way, but Rebels FC established themselves as the better of the two remaining sides after they beat San Lee FC 4-3.

Group A Table:

  1. FC Motown, 3 pts, +2 GD
  2. Rebels FC, 3 pts, +1 GD
  3. San Lee FC, 0 pts, -1 GD
  4. Danubia Men’s Elite, 0 pts, -2 GD

Group A Predictions:

  1. FC Motown
  2. Danubia Men’s Elite
  3. Rebels FC
  4. San Lee FC

Group B – We’re well and truly off to a great start at smallworld! Austin Robillard has the goods and proved it in a win over preseason champs Biscayne Bay. The 7-2 scoreline looks great on paper, though it was a much closer contest for much of the match. In other group news, Bateaux and TriSocPod played out a 3-0 result that puts Zach frrom our fellow media outlet in a precarious position. It looks like smallworld is in control of the group, but a lot of mayhem could ensue in the fight for second. Bateaux vs Biscayne won’t happen until the final matchday, but that one is going to decide the second-place finisher. It could be the most exciting match of this group!

Group B Table:

  1. smallworld soccer, 3 pts, +5 GD
  2. Bateaux FC, 3 pts, +3 GD
  3. TriSocPod, 0 pts, -3 GD
  4. Biscayne Bay SC, 0 pts, -5 GD

Group B Predictions:

  1. smallworld soccer
  2. Biscayne Bay SC
  3. Bateaux FC
  4. TriSocPod

Group C – I got some stick from La Barra’s rep for their fourth-place prediction, and deservedly so after they held the mighty Providence City to a 1-1 draw. Unless something untoward happens, I think we now know our two automatic advancers from Group C. Providence are one of the best in the business, and after this week, La Barra clearly are as well. Delaware Rising and SKADI/Agema aren’t to be counted out, but beating either of those sides is a tough ask. Those two had a scheduled match moved to a later date, so we’re yet to see either of them in action.

Group C Table:

  1. La Barra 608, 1 pt, 0 GD
  2. Providence City FC, 1 pt, 0 GD
  3. Delaware Rising, 0 pts, 0 GD
  4. SKADI Soccer / Agema FC, 0 pts, 0 GD

Group C Predictions:

  1. Providence City FC
  2. La Barra 608
  3. SKADI Soccer /Agema FC
  4. Delaware Rising

Group D – I was roasted in the comments for this group. For the record, I admitted from the jump that it was all a guessing game in that group, but I clearly guessed wrong. Apparently, Connor of Brickyard Battalion is the man to beat, and he looked the part in his 5-0 win over eUSL. Magic City Brigade added to my misery by winning when I predicted them to finish last, getting the better of Colorado Springs Switchbacks 2-0.

Group D Table:

  1. Brickyard Battalion, 3 pts, +5 GD
  2. Magic City Brigade, 3 pts, +2 GD
  3. Colorado Springs Switchbacks, 0 pts, -2 GD
  4. eUSL, 0 pts, -5 GD

Group D Predictions:

  1. Brickyard Battalion
  2. eUSL
  3. Magic City Brigade
  4. Colorado Springs Switchbacks

Group E – Nothing has happened yet here, but it does look like Lansing might have the easier cross-group opponent of the three based on results from Group F. All still to play for in Group E, though!

Group E Table:

  1. Lansing Common, 0 pts, 0 GD
  2. Steel FC, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Sunflower State FC, 0 pts, 0 GD

Group E Predictions:

  1. Lansing Common
  2. Steel FC
  3. Sunflower State FC

Group F – Black Rock were the winners of the week here. As in, they won the only game in this group this week. It was a nice showing, especially in the attack, as they grabbed a 5-3 win over Oakland County. I still like Hoboken to beat them both, but we’ll have to wait how the history-laden side from New Jersey fare, as they’ve yet to start their schedule.

Group F Table:

  1. Black Rock FC, 3 pts, +2 GD
  2. Hoboken FC 1912, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Oakland County FC, 0 pts, -2 GD

Group F Predictions:

  1. Hoboken FC 1912
  2. Black Rock FC
  3. Oakland County FC

Group G – South Bend had an off week, while Jacksonville Armada probably wishes they’d been off instead of having to play Greenville Triumph. They lost in an 8-4 showing that’ll leave them with lots of defensive adjustments to make. Luckily for them, however, South Bend has to face them as well. In all likelihood, it’ll be the battle between the Bend and Armada that determines who joins Triumph in the next round.

Group G Table:

  1. Greenville Triumph, 3 pts, +4 GD
  2. South Bend Lions, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Jacksonville Armada, 0 pts, -4 GD

Group G Predictions:

  1. Greenville Triumph
  2. South Bend Lions
  3. Jacksonville Armada

Group H – My frontrunner from the preseason power rankings, Space United, won their first match 3-1 over San Francisco Metro FC. So I should feel good about that pick, right? Wrong. Because FC Harrington went and demolished Louisville Lightning, who I picked to finish second, by a Premier Division-leading 12-goal margin. So we’re gonna change some things in the predictions category. And maybe apologize to Harrington so they don’t come kill us in our sleep.

Group H Table:

  1. FC Harrington, 3 pts, +12 GD
  2. Space United, 3 pts, +2 GD
  3. San Francisco Metro FC, 0 pts, -2 GD
  4. Louisville Lightning, 0 pts, -12 GD

Group H Predictions:

  1. FC Harrington
  2. Space United
  3. Louisville Lightning
  4. San Francisco Metro FC

Group I – In stark contrast to the previous group, this one is shaping up rather nicely for my predictions. Tulsa Athletic took care of a quality Cook Street side 4-1, while Dynamo dispatched Dubuque by the same scoreline. Tulsa and Dynamo are the two I predicted to top the division, and I’m sticking with my guns for now. The Canadians at Cook Street could very well sneak into second by the regular season’s end, though, and Dubuque aren’t to be written off, either.

Group I Table:

  1. Dynamo FC St. Cloud, 3 pts, +3 GD
  2. Tulsa Athletic, 3 pts, +3 GD
  3. Union Dubuque, 0 pts, -3 GD
  4. Cook Street United FC, 0 pts, -3 GD

Group J – Well, well, well, we have a great group on our hands here! Lone Star Republic surprised me with how close they played AFC Mobile, especially on the defensive side of things. The Alabama club were victorious, but only by a score of 1-0. Meanwhile, the match between Lacey and SPAM was even closer, ending in a 3-3 draw that saw the two newbies split the points. I’m not sure where to go from here; as of now, my predictions are perfect, but there’s still a lot of playing left to do, and I feel like I’ve underestimated LSR after their perfomance against the mighty Mobile. This could go in many different directions from here, but no matter what happens, it’ll be a lot of fun.

Group J Table:

  1. AFC Mobile, 3 pts, +1 GD
  2. Lacey Pocket Gophers FC, 1 pt, 0 GD
  3. SPAM FC, 1 pt, 0 GD
  4. Lone Star Republic, 0 pts, -1 GD

Group J Predictions:

  1. AFC Mobile
  2. SPAM FC
  3. Lone Star Republic
  4. Lacey Pocket Gophers

Group K – AC Miracle Hill looks like the pick of the bunch after a 5-0 win over Cultures United. Thankfully, that’s exactly who I picked to win the group. I had Cultures in second, but both Inland Empire and Peak XI look beatable after IEFC squeaked by with a 4-3 win. This one is very much up for grabs, especially as far as second place is concerned. Watch for a potential third spot to open up in this group for a wild card as well. The pressure is really on now for all four clubs now that we know each team is legit.

Group K Table:

  1. AC Miracle Hill, 3 pts, +5 GD
  2. Inland Empire FC, 3 pts, +1 GD
  3. Peak XI FC, 0 pts, -1 GD
  4. Cultures United, 0 pts, -5 GD

Group K Predictions:

  1. AC Miracle Hill
  2. Inland Empire FC
  3. Cultures United
  4. Peak XI FC

Group L – The last group alphabetically is probably the first group in terms of quality. Vlora FC and Oxnard Guerreros was a showdown that lived up to the billing, and last year’s semifinalists in Oxnard answered the call and delivered a 4-3 victory. Not to be outdone by their groupmates, Inland Empire Republic built on last year’s reputation for electrifying goalscoring and delivered a 5-3 win over City Legends FC. That’s actually a sign of a great defensive unit for City Legends, which will serve them well in the upcoming two matches. The first one vs the Guerreros is their chance to create absolute chaos all over the group, and I could see them doing it. In the end, though, Oxnard proved to me this week that they’re contenders to win it all once again, and they won’t let themselves lose out in the group stage, even one with as much quality as this. The fourth-place finisher here will deservedly be gutted to miss out on a playoff spot.

Group L Table:

  1. Inland Empire Republic, 3 pts, +2 GD
  2. Oxnard Guerreros, 3 pts, +1 GD
  3. Vlora FC, 0 pts, -1 GD
  4. City Legends FC, 0 pts, -1 GD

Group L Predictions:

  1. Oxnard Guerreros
  2. Vlora FC
  3. Inland Empire Republic
  4. City Legends
smallworld Second Division

Group A Table:

  1. Lansing Common II, 3 pts, +3 GD
  2. Metro Louisville, 3 pts, +1 GD
  3. Peak XI FC, 0 pts, -1 GD
  4. Winter Haven United, 0 pts, -3 GD

Group A Predictions:

  1. Lansing Common II
  2. Metro Louisville
  3. Peak XI FC
  4. Winter Haven United

Group B Table:

  1. CS Montreal ’67, 3 pts, +5 GD
  2. eUSL II, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Hayward United II, 0 pts, 0 GD
  4. Lansing Common II, 0 pts, -5 GD

Group B Predictions:

  1. CS Montreal
  2. eUSL II
  3. Hayward United
  4. Lansing Common

Group C Table:

  1. Tallahassee SC, 3 pts, +12 GD
  2. Cook Street United, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Jacksonville Armada, 0 pts, 0 GD

Group C Predictions:

  1. Tallahassee SC
  2. Cook Street United
  3. Jacksonville Armada

Group D Table:

  1. Lansing Common, 3 pts, +5 GD
  2. Swan City Syndicate, 0 pts, -5 GD
  3. Oly Town Artesians, 0 pts, -12 GD

Group D Predictions:

  1. Lansing Common
  2. Swan City Syndicate
  3. Oly Town Artesians

Group A Table:

  1. Magic City Brigade, 3 pts, +1 GD
  2. Bell County FC, 0 pts, 0 GD
  3. Space United II, 0 pts, 0 GD
  4. TriSocPod, 0 pts, -1 GD

Group A Predictions:

  1. Space United II
  2. Magic City Brigade
  3. Bell County FC
  4. TriSocPod

Group B Table:

  1. Oly Town Artesians, 3 pts, +9 GD
  2. Space United II, 3 pts, +7 GD
  3. The Red Watch, 0 pts, -7 GD
  4. Inter Philadelphia FC, 0 pts, -9 GD

Group B Predictions:

  1. Space United II
  2. Oly Town Artesians
  3. The Red Watch
  4. Inter Philadelphia

Group C Table:

  1. eUSL, 1 pt, 0 GD
  2. Vlora FC, 1 pt, 0 GD
  3. La Barra 608, 1 pt, 0 GD
  4. Jacksonville Armada, 1 pt, 0 GD

Group C Predictions:

  1. La Barra 608
  2. Vlora FC
  3. Jacksonville Armada
  4. eUSL

Group D Table:

  1. no results yet

Group D Predictions:

  1. Metro Louisville
  2. Space United II
  3. eUSL II
  4. Little Rock Rangers

That’s all for this week’s edition of Lower League eCup power rankings! Make your feelings known on the week’s results and your team’s power rankings placement here in the comments or by reacting on Twitter and Instagram! Thanks as always for reading.

Stay weird and support local soccer!



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