official announcement: media partnership with NOSL

The announcements keep coming at smallworld!

This time, we’re making a new media partnership with a local league that has some very exciting potential.

The Northern Ohio Soccer League, or NOSL, is an amateur league consisting of nine men’s clubs and three currently announced women’s clubs via their new WNOSL.

The NOSL is entering its fourth year and sees itself as a stepping stone for new clubs to develop, make themselves sustainable, and grow as high as they wish to, per the league’s media director Gary Wiggins.

They’re devoted to keeping costs low but still providing a quality league experience, also choosing to emphasize education, support, and resources for club owners as they navigate the world of lower-league soccer ownership.

smallworld sees the NOSL as representative of everything we stand for in soccer. They’ve got a clear desire to fill a need in their local area and have already recruited some solid names into their ranks, including Amish Country United, Delaware Rising, Mansfield Liederkranz, and new addition City of Ohio SC.

If you have questions about the NOSL or would like to learn more about what they do directly from them, you can reach out to or simply visit their website.

We look forward to the access to information and potential avenues to tell the NOSL’s stories through this partnership. To that end, expect some NOSL content to come soon, both as a league and with individual clubs. As the cool kids say, watch this space!

While we’re at it, stay weird and support local soccer!



By Danny Kotula

writer, founder, and owner of smallworld soccer. college student, soccer supporter, and underdog-lover. unashamed to follow Jesus, not cultural Christianity. the teams i support are all p trash rn: Atlanta United, Watford, Real Oviedo, Werder Bremen, and CS Herediano among many others.

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