now featuring: Diaza Sportswear

We promised we’d have some Diaza content for you soon, and at smallworld, we make good on our promises.

Earlier this week, we announced Diaza as a smallworld sponsor for the next month, and we’re excited to more formally introduce them to you all.

They’re a sportswear company specializing in soccer gear and have recently shown a particular emphasis on helping supply lower-league clubs.

With any brand working in lower-league soccer, though, there’s always a story behind the cool design and end product. Diaza’s is one of culture, or as they love to call it, the Diaza Mentality. For more on that, hear from Diaza themselves:

Diaza is a soccer apparel brand based in New York City, and producing soccer kits and apparel for clubs throughout the United States.

The word Diaza is originally from Colombian ancestors and was used to encourage the men to be strong and protect their tribes. In a new era, Diaza means ‘right mentality,’ always pushing forward.

We’re pretty sure “diaza” is also Spanish for “our kits are insanely beautiful.” For a couple of examples, check out their work on Allentown United’s kits, some of the classiest I’ve seen in a while, and the Seas Jamaica United home kit, shown below (blue):

What strikes me with Diaza’s work is the detail. The blue and yellow stripe in the Seas Jamaica shirt, the color change on the Allentown collar. It’s a sign of creativity and individualism that makes Diaza unique among kit suppliers.

Diaza offers exclusive customized uniforms to any soccer team that wants to have their own identity, from the pros to the Sunday league teams. Diaza offers the same treatment to any team/organization.

And if you’re wondering why they might seem familiar to you, they previously went under the name of Ginga Sportswear. They changed their name to Diaza at the same time that the reigning UPSL National Champions, Ginga Atlanta, changed theirs to Atletico Atlanta (who they also outfit).

Diaza was established in January 2019 as Ginga Sportswear, created by soccer players who understand, love, and are incredibly passionate about the game. Football is not just a simple sport; or a simple business. To us, football is a career, and Diaza members have invested their entire lives into it.

These are some of the most creative outfitters in the market, and they’re quickly catching eyes. After Ginga got national attention in the UPSL playoffs, three other clubs in the league have switched to Diaza since the start of the year.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that Diaza are one of the most unique and high-potential kit producers out there, and we’re excited they’ve chosen to partner with us. You can check them out and request a quote for your uniform needs by visiting their website.

Thanks for reading and supporting those who support us. It means a lot to have people trust us with their sponsorships and allow us to keep doing what we love to do, which is cover lower-league soccer at the highest level possible. We’d really appreciate you reaching out to Diaza and giving them your business as a token of the investment they’ve made in us!

Stay weird and as Diaza is doing, support local soccer!




By danny kotula

danny kotula is an aspiring sports writer and play-by-play commentator. unfortunately, he is not good at either one. his interests include watching soccer and listening to obscure music genres, and those aren’t even his most boring ones. he was born in Tacoma, Washington but has called South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, California, Georgia, and Costa Rica home over the course of his life. he generally knows where to put a comma, which is by far his most redeeming quality. he is writing this in third person as if he were famous enough for someone to write him a biography, but don’t be fooled. he’s not famous.

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