power rankings: UPSL mid-atlantic, week 8

It wouldn’t be a weekend in lower-league soccer without some drama in the Carolinas.

This week, it’s The Bachelor-level juicy, and it all makes for a photo finish near the top.

Without any further ado, let’s get straight into the week’s action. Some teams played multiple games, so there’s a lot to sift through.

the rankings

  1. SC Heat, +0 from last week (D 3-3 with Charlotte). We’re officially chalking up the Soda City protest as a successful one, so take three points off Heat in the table for the season. That makes things interesting at the top. Despite the fact that Heat control their own destiny, they’re a couple points behind fully-finished Combine Rush at this point. An away point against Charlotte might not be what Heat would have hoped for, but it’s not a bad result. It’s enough to keep them in good shape for a title, so that’s always good.
  2. Myrtle Beach FC, +3 from last week (W 3-0 over Combine Rush AND W 2-0 over Queen City). That’s two enormous wins to get Myrtle Beach back on track. If it weren’t for a head-scratching home loss to Soda City last weekend, this is a team that’s probably leading the power rankings today. They caught both teams at a good time in the calendar, but they took full advantage and beat two strong contenders. The pressure is on Heat at the top, now!
  3. San Lee FC, +4 from last week (W 2-0 over Combine Rush). It pained us to put our friends so far down last week, and they’ve come roaring back this week just by taking care of business and watching the world crumble around them. All of a sudden, they have games in hand on almost everyone and are in the title conversation if they win all four remaining matches. That’s kind of impossible in this division, but the fact that it’s a possibility after some suspect performances earlier in the season is great news for the Sanford boys.
  4. Moros FC, +0 from last week (no match). It was a good week to get to sit back and watch the proceedings, and Moros are in a decent position now to make a move on the top of the table from. Their problem lies in the fact that almost every other club is in just as good a position. Moros have more work to do than most but half a season’s worth of matches to do it in, so we’ll see if they get the job done in the next few weekends.
  5. Combine Rush, -2 from last week (W 5-0 over Queen City AND L 0-3 to Myrtle Beach AND L 0-2 to San Lee). The midweek game was promising for Combine, but scheduling three games in four days really bit them in the behind. They’re in the clubhouse with 16 total points, which is good for first place right now but almost certainly won’t stay that way. It’s just a matter of how many teams pass them before they run out of matches, too.
  6. Charlotte United, +0 from last week (D 3-3 with SC Heat). That’s a better result for United after a couple of undesirable ones. They’re still in a tough spot for title ambitions, but depending on how they finish out, they could be in the top three without a doubt. It’ll all come down to these last few matches.
  7. Soda City FC, +2 from last week (W 2-0 over Lobos, forfeit). Soda city may be utterly unable to get results on the pitch, but they’re two-for-two now on pegging rivals for roster ineligibility and getting forfeit wins as a result. Someone from the club who ran the MyCujoo livestream can be heard starting to speak about the problem and his general frustration with what seems to be a rampant roster fluidity problem in the division. It’s all quite saucy, but unfortunately for the defending champs, none of that sauce will lead them to a title this year. They’ve been too poor on the field to be in that range.
  8. Queen City FC, -6 from last week (L 0-5 to Combine Rush AND L 0-2 to Myrtle Beach). It was all going so well for Queen City. Their meteoric rise hit its beak at the number two spot, but nothing went right for the Dragons over the weekend. They fell short twice against similar opposition, the types of teams they had to beat to stay in the title race, and were just outclassed both times. Those types of weekends happen, but unfortunately, they’re punished brutally in a league with as much parity as this one.
  9. Charleston United, -1 from last week (no match). Charleston has a lot of matches with which to turn the tides and find a way back into the top half of the table. As bad as their season has been, that’s a real possibility. They’re going to have to win matches, though, and that’s been an uncharacteristic problem for them this year.
  10. Lobos FC, +0 from last week (L 0-2 to Soda City by forfeit). Lobos are at the center of the drama this week. It’s not like they would have won anyway, so it’s a bit weird that they made illegal roster moves as if they were a couple of pieces away from winning something. That said, it’s not a great look and just makes the season go from bad to worse. Somehow.

actual table

  1. Combine Rush – 16 pts, +5 GD. Form: WWWLL
  2. Myrtle Beach FC – 15 pts, +8 GD. Form: WWLWW
  3. SC Heat – 14 pts, +11 GD. Form: WLDWD
  4. San Lee FC – 10 pts, +3 GD. Form: DLWLW
  5. Charlotte United – 10 pts, +2 GD. Form: WWLLD
  6. Soda City FC – 10 pts, +2 GD. Form: LWLWW
  7. Queen City FC – 10 pts, -6 GD. Form: DWWLL
  8. Moros FC – 8 pts, -1 GD. Form: DWDLW
  9. Charleston United – 8 pts, -2 GD. Form: DLWLL
  10. Lobos FC – 0 pts, -22 GD. Form: LLLLL

And it can only get crazier next week, right?

next week’s fixtures

4) Moros v 2) Myrtle Beach

10) Lobos v 8) Queen City

7) Soda City v 6) Charlotte

1 ) SC Heat v 3) San Lee

9) Charleston v 10) Lobos

If Lobos were going to pick up any positive results this season, these are their two best chances against two teams that are on downswings at the moment. Moros and Myrtle Beach are both truly title contenders now, and neither side can settle for splitting the points. It’ll be a crazy Saturday afternoon in the Raleigh area, and smallworld will try to be there in person! San Lee, meanwhile, will travel south of the state line in a bid to beat SC Heat and really solidify their spot as a title favorite and become the rest of the league’s best friend.

What a weekend it was, and what a weekend it figures to be. smallworld will be calling this area home very soon, so we’re excited to be there in the thick of a crazy title race!

Stay weird and support local soccer! This is exactly the type of division that proves why it’s worth your time and effort to follow; the entertainment value is off the charts.




By danny kotula

danny kotula is an aspiring sports writer and play-by-play commentator. unfortunately, he is not good at either one. his interests include watching soccer and listening to obscure music genres, and those aren’t even his most boring ones. he was born in Tacoma, Washington but has called South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, California, Georgia, and Costa Rica home over the course of his life. he generally knows where to put a comma, which is by far his most redeeming quality. he is writing this in third person as if he were famous enough for someone to write him a biography, but don’t be fooled. he’s not famous.

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