power rankings: UPSL mid-atlantic, week 10

Well, we now know the top two seeds in the four-team playoff in the Mid-Atlantic, and we also have the most lopsided scoreline of the year.

The honor of most goals scored per team per match goes to Moros FC, who put 14 on Lobos this weekend in just one of two matches between them over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the top two in our power rankings are locked there for the regular season and await the other two to qualify in the coming weeks.

Let’s see what the power rankings look like with three teams finished with their regular season.

the rankings

  1. SC Heat, +0 from last week (W 2-0 over Myrtle Beach). A big win away to Myrtle Beach helps Heat keep pace with a Moros side that’s streaking up the leaderboard with a few matches in hand and a strong goal differential. The top two will face off in a match that likely determines who takes the top seed into the semifinals.
  2. Moros FC, +0 from last week (W 14-0 AND W 5-0 over Lobos). Nothing like a double with Lobos over the weekend to boost your momentum and goal differential. Moros were on a mission on Saturday, beating Lobos 14-0 at home. Now, their goal differential is just one shy of SC Heat, and if they win out, the regular-season title is theirs in what would be a monumental comeback.
  3. Charlotte United, +0 from last week (D 2-2 with San Lee). All three points would have been ideal for CLT, but all will still be well if they pull out a victory in their last match against Charleston, a match we’d imagine is theirs to lose. If they get the three points there, the worst they could do would be to finish fourth, still good for a playoff spot, and third place would be even more likely. Just a draw or a loss against Charleston would eliminate them, though. The margins are that thin.
  4. Combine Rush, +1 from last week (no match). Rush were helped out by the Myrtle Beach loss big-time. That keeps them a point ahead of the beach boys, and they’re both finished with their respective regular seasons. Rush sit in second with Moros more than likely to pass them; the question of playoff soccer for them revolves around Charlotte United’s final match and whether or not San Lee can beat both Moros and Charleston United to edge one point ahead of Rush. They’re in a better spot this week than last, at the very least.
  5. Myrtle Beach FC, -1 from last week (L 0-2 to Heat). That wasn’t the best way to finish a hot-and-cold season for Myrtle Beach. Now, they need a lot of help to get a miracle and stay in the top four. They can only watch the others’ final results from here on out.
  6. San Lee FC, +1 from last week (D 2-2 with Charlotte). Agonizingly close to what would have been an enormous result for San Lee, but a draw still keeps them alive. At this point, it’s as simple as this: win their last two matches against Moros and Charleston, and they’re in the playoffs. Lose one of those two, and they’re out. A draw and a win by enough goals would see them go on standby for other results. The “two wins” strategy seems best here.
  7. Soda City FC, +2 from last week (W 2-0 over Charleston). A big win over Charleston sees Soda climb the ladder a bit to a more respectable height. It’s still not where they want to be, but at least seventh can be expected with San Lee and a rescheduled match against Lobos on the horizon…supposedly. Not sure when that Lobos game will happen, but that’s still a fixture that needs to be fulfilled to our knowledge.
  8. Charleston United, -2 from last week (L 0-2 to Soda City). That wasn’t the way they wanted to take advantage of a favorable matchup. That one officially keeps them out of the playoffs, but they have a chance to play spoiler to Charlotte’s playoff chances in their final match of the season.
  9. Queen City FC, -1 from last week (no match). Queen City is done for the season, and they’re watching others around them pass them up as they accrue wins QCFC just couldn’t find. They only grabbed two in a campaign where half of their results were draws.
  10. Lobos FC, +0 from last week (L 0-14 and L 0-5 to Moros). It’s just been a nightmare for Lobos this year. Thankfully for them, it’s nearly over; they’ve got just one match left before they can put this season behind them.

Here’s where we stand in the table:

actual table:

  1. SC Heat – 20 pts, +15 GD. Form: DWDWW
  2. Moros FC – 17 pts, +19 GD. Form: WDLWW
  3. Combine Rush – 16 pts, +5 GD. Form: WWWLL
  4. Myrtle Beach FC – 15 pts, +5 GD. Form: LWWLL
  5. Charlotte United – 14 pts, +4 GD. Form: LLDWD
  6. Charleston United – 11 pts, +2 GD. Form: WLLWL
  7. San Lee FC – 11 pts, +1 GD. Form: WLWLD
  8. Queen City FC – 11 pts, -6 GD. Form: WWLLD
  9. Soda City FC – 10 pts, 0 GD. Form: WLWLW
  10. Lobos FC – 0 pts, -45 GD. Form: LLLLL

Just five matches remain this season, but they’re spread across four weeks. There’s one solitary match this upcoming weekend, and here it is:

next week’s fixtures

8) Charleston v 3) Charlotte

Big chance for Charlotte to grab a win and keep themselves in a good spot for a playoff berth!

Thanks for reading and support local soccer!




By danny kotula

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