who is smallworld soccer?

smallworld is a blog, sure. And a podcast. And a youtube channel. But at the risk of sounding overly serious for a not-too-serious media outlet, it’s kinda more than the content.

It’s choosing unity over division every time, no matter how much resistance or difficulty comes with that. It’s being the balance between professional and personal. It’s creating content the way the people want it. And that’s the true essence of who smallworld is.

It’s about the ones who drum up support for amateur sides that few outside of our social media circles will ever care about. The ones who support their local club instead of the big-name team with flashy players and TV deals down the road. The ones who own, manage, coach, or play for the clubs worth supporting. Especially them.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the people.

So then, who is smallworld soccer? It’s you.