smlwld women

ladies and gentlemen (emphasis on ladies!): smlwld women is here.

you may already know smallworld soccer, and if you do, you’ll find here exactly what you’d expect from anything smallworld does. it’s quirky, it’s fun, it’s positive, and it’s professional.

and now, we’re bringing all that to the women’s soccer scene.

smallworld women is being started for the same reason smallworld was started in the first place: to support local soccer and fill a gap in coverage for the clubs that deserve it. women’s soccer definitely fits that bill, and smallworld is proud to help cover a sport that’s so underappreciated. we can’t wait to show the world what WoSo has to offer. feel free to follow the smlwld women twitter account @smlwld_women to be the first to know of news, updates, and new posts!

stay weird and support women’s soccer!