Power Rankings: Lower League eCup, Week 2

Week 2 is in the books!

We’ve seen even more drama than last week’s display over the past seven days, and the picture of who’ll be finishing where in the tables is getting clearer by the day.

SmallWorld continued the trend we started last week, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We’ll detail our match and entire group in more detail later on in the post!

Until then, though, let’s take a look at the new Power Rankings leaders in the rest of the Xbox groups:


Group A – Inter Detroit: Just like I’ve predicted since the start, Inter Detroit have handled all comers thus far. They’ve kept a second straight clean sheet in a 5-0 victory over San Lee FC, so they retain the top spot this week.

Group B – Metro Louisville: There’s only one leader of Group B. Metro dominated in a match against last week’s Power Rankings leader, setting a then-LLeC record in a 15-0 drubbing of Savannah Clovers. That gives them two wins from two matches and the respect of the entire league.

Group C – SmallWorld’s group, see detailed rankings below

Group D – Amish Country United: We’re switching our pick to NOSL side Amish Country, as their 13-1 victory over Three Rivers Regiment was nothing short of dominant. They have all six points from their first two matches, and they’re looking like a good bet to end up on top when the dust settles in Group D.

Group E – Atlantic City FC: The New Jersey reps have performed consistently well so far this tournament, and their position at the top of Group E reflects that quality of play.

Group F – Forward Madison FC: The ‘Mingos continued their winning streak this week, grabbing a W in their first in-group matchup against Tormenta FC. That’s enough to keep them on top of the Power Rankings table for now!

Group G – OlyPen Force: The Force lived up to their name this week, running rapmant in a 14-0 victory over our preseason choice, Dynamo FC St. Cloud. They now lead the group as the only club that’s taken all 6 points from their first two matches, so they’re in firm control of the group at the moment.

Group H – AFC Mobile – It was a display of dominance from the NPSL newbies from Alabama this week. They faced off against a strong Cal United Strikers side in a battle of undefeated teams, and they took home the three points with a 6-2 showing. Oly Town Artesians remains a strong opponent, as they hold a +12 goal differential in their two wins, and the two juggernauts will play in a Week 3 thriller.

Group I – Minneapolis City SC: The Crows played their way to the top of the table this week, beating last week’s headline-grabbers, DeKalb County United, 5-1 to stay perfect. Speaking of perfect, their pregame show was once again on point, as always. And that’s what really matters in an eCup, really.

Group J – FC Tuscon: Tuscon controls Group J after beating Lane United and becoming the only undefeated squad left. They’re well on their way to topping the table at the end of the group stage!

Group K – Vacaville Elite: Vacaville were successful once again this week, beating out-of-group North Texas SC to keep their winning record going. They get the nod once again this week, but they face fellow undefeated side Inland Wolves next time out in what could be the single best match of the group stages as a whole. The two sides have scored 29 goals in two matches between them, so it should be a goal-scoring thriller.

Group L – Lone Star Republic: The team from Texas came up big in a battle between the top two in the group, besting Santa Ana Winsa and keeping their undefeated run going for a second week. They’ve got the top spot in the Group L Power Rankings as a result.


Group A – Greenspoint Gunners: The Gunners are still going strong in the attack, racking up another six goals and earning another win in Week 2. Their biggest competition as of now is Miami Soccer Academy, getting an 11-0 win this week over Dayton Dutch Lions.

Group B – Livonia City FC: They didn’t get to play their match scheduled for last night against Inocentes because PSN servers have been acting up. However, they’re still undefeated for now and group leaders until proven otherwise. FC Motown is probably the club best equipped to do that proving, so that’ll be a match to look out for.

Group C – NY International FC: This group is still wide, wide open right now. That being said, NYIFC got a nice win this week and are even with Lazers SC on four points from two games.

Group D – Elmwood Elite: The SG of Oakland County is the third Power Rankings leader of this group in three weeks. They’ve won their opening two games with a +12 goal differential, so it’s hard to argue the fact that they deserve the #1 spot.

Group E – LSA Athletico Lanier: Not much has changed since last week’s results, and since LSA still leads the table, they still lead in our Power Rankings as well.

Group F – Greenville Triumph: The USL League One side won again in a fun matchup against Asheville City, which helps them further assert their control over Group F so far.

Group G – Dynamo FC St. Cloud: They didn’t get a chance to get their Week 2 matchup in last night because of the aforementioned PS4 troubles, and right now, they only have a draw to their name. Houston Hotshots’ draw this week, though, means that a win would be enough to put them level with them and Crescent City on 4 points apiece, so we’ll give DFCSTC the benefit of the doubt and put them back on top of the Power Rankings.

Group H – Tulsa Athletic: We’re sticking with Tulsa after they scored eight goals for the second straight match en route to another blowout victory. AFC Mobile still look like a strong competitor, though, as they blew out another opponent with a double-digit goal tally.

Group I – Milwaukee Bavarians: The UPSL side from Wisconsin is demolishing the competition, especially Project 51O, their most recent victim. They broke the single-team scoring record that was broken earlier in the week with a 16-1 triumph over Oakland Roots’ development side. They’re in firm control of the group right now after that performance.

Group J – FF Premier: They got the job done against last week’s Power Rankings pick, Vacaville Elite. Vacaville won 13-0 in their first match, so FF Premier’s victory only looks better with that result in mind. They’re undisputedly on top of the group through two games!

Group K – Union Dubuque: The Iowa club gets a bit fortunate with this week’s ranking, as Oxnard Guerreros were knocking on the door to their Group K throne this week. The Guerreros were slated to play last night and were shot down by PSN’s servers (XbOx iS BeTTeR), but they won their first match by 9 goals. Dubuque did their part, though, winning their second straight match, so you can’t say their spot at the top isn’t deserved for the time being.

Group L – Riverside City FC: RCFC have control of the group after two matches, with a goal differential of +10 and all six points. They’re fending off multiple opponents that have already played three matches, so their prospects for winning the group are good if they can keep up this kind of play.

Group M – OlyPen Force: For the second straight week, we’re abandoning last week’s prediction in Group M and replacing them with the team that beat them. This week, that club is OlyPen Force, who beat Lone Star Republic this week 5-0. The fact that Protagonist Soccer got embarrased 10-0 this week is proof of how much quality Group M has, and the other side of that game, Duluth FC, is probably OlyPen’s biggest obstacle from topping the group.

And guess what else we get to do now! A PC Power Rankings as well!

PC: South Bend Lions: The Indiana outfit got a nice 2-1 win over Cardinal Collective last Monday, and they take on fellow Week 1 winners Metro Louisville FC next. That should be a good one, but until then, the Lions stay on top of the Power Rankings.

Next, we’ll take a look at each Xbox Group C match of Week 2.

The first matchup came on Wednesday evening, when SmallWorld squared up against Olde Fields Battalion. Tallahassee SC’s supporters’ group grabbed an early goal within 5 minutes, but we held strong defensively from that point on. Both sides did, in fact, and Olde Fields took a 1-0 advantage into the halftime break. Both sides had opportunities in the second half, including an 85th minute howler from last week’s hero Jayden Stockley, but it took yet another super sub striker to give the match its final touch. This time it was David Nugent who came on, and his goal in stoppage time gave SmallWorld a second straight equalizer at the death. FINAL: SmallWorld Soccer 1-1 Olde Fields Battalion

The second match of the group was between Hoboken FC, who we drew with in Week 1, and Louisiana Krewe, who beat Jacksonville Armada last week. The Krewe got the best of the New Jersey side by a score of 3-0, and that gave them the three points for a second straight week ahead of their matchup against us. FINAL: Louisiana Krewe 3-0 Hoboken FC 1912

Shortly after, Northshore United took on the Armada in an exciting contest. Things were tight in the first half until Northshore scored a couple of quick goals around the 25th minute. They ended up taking a 2-0 lead into the halftime break, and went on to increase the lead in the second half. Armada grabbed a couple of consolation goals, but it was too late to alter the result, and United took the game with a 5-2 scoreline. FINAL: Northshore United 5-2 Jacksonville Armada

With those results, here’s what the updated table looks like after Week 2:

Northshore United, 6 pts +8 GD

Louisiana Krewe, 6 pts +4 GD

SmallWorld Soccer, 2 pts 0 GD

Hoboken FC 1912, 1 pt -3 GD

Olde Fields Battalion, 1 pt -7 GD

Jacksonville Armada, 0 pts -4 GD

And now for a look at the Power Rankings:

  1. Northshore United – United took care of an Armada opponent that’s much stronger than the table shows right now with relative ease. That’s two straight matches where they’ve been in a tight contest and just found another gear where they start pouring in goals all at once. They’re still the strongest team in the league until proven otherwise, which could certainly happen when they face fellow undefeated side LA Krewe next time out.
  2. Louisiana Krewe – Speaking of the Krewe, they’ve been pretty dominant themselves, despite some closer scorelines. They have the best defensive record in the group right now, and they beat a quality Hoboken side that we had to heroically draw with after they went down a man. Their in-state battle with Northshore will be one for the ages, and potentially the decisive result for who wins the group.
  3. Hoboken FC 1912 – They still have favorable matches against Olde Fields and Armada, who sit at the bottom of the table, and they have an advantage in goal differential over both of them. I think they’ll see the knockout round more comfortably than it looks like they will, but there’s still plenty of work to do.
  4. Jacksonville Armada – Armada aren’t exactly where they want to be at the moment: they’re at the bottom of the table and have no points thus far. That being said, they’ve already played the two teams I feel are the best in the group, and they’ve got every opportunity to prove themselves in the coming three matches. I think they’ll do just that and sneak into the fourth spot before all is said and done, but they may need to overcome a slight goal differential deficit.
  5. SmallWorld Soccer – I think we’ve played our way out of the cellar for the time being after two straight draws. Not exactly expecting a top four finish this early on, but if we keep up the positive play against some really strong opponents over the next few weeks, we might just find ourselves playing playoff soccer!
  6. Olde Fields Battalion – It feels harsh putting the Battalion at the bottom of the group, especially considering their only loss is to our number one team in the Power Rankings. They haven’t exactly shown they can score proficiently yet, though, having only scored one goal in two matches. That’ll have to change quickly, as they have an important match against a club they’re even on points with, Hoboken, on Matchday 3. If they get those three points, they’ll be in a much better spot to move forward in the eCup.

Needless to say, this is shaping up to be one of the more exciting groups on the Xbox side and in the entire competition. We’re facing Jacksonville Armada next in what could be a crucial result for both sides, and you can catch it live at 7 PM on Tuesday the 14th on our Twitch channel, @smallworldsoccer. Hope to see you there!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting SmallWorld Soccer. Make sure you keep doing the same for the Lower League eCup, as things really seem set to get interesting this week! Happy Easter and stay safe.

Support local soccer, unify those around you, and seek out diversity!




By danny kotula

danny kotula is an aspiring sports writer and play-by-play commentator. unfortunately, he is not good at either one. his interests include watching soccer and listening to obscure music genres, and those aren’t even his most boring ones. he was born in Tacoma, Washington but has called South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, California, Georgia, and Costa Rica home over the course of his life. he generally knows where to put a comma, which is by far his most redeeming quality. he is writing this in third person as if he were famous enough for someone to write him a biography, but don’t be fooled. he’s not famous.

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